I grew up in the vastness of West Texas. My three sisters and I had few distractions, spending much of our day in a world of paper dolls. Cardboard boxes became dollhouses, paper beds and chairs their furniture, paper dresses their ever-changing outfits. Our paper dolls had histories and hopes and dreams. Their lives, past and present, evolved as we snipped and pasted their world into a reality that someday might be ours.

As a photographer and collage artist, today's hybrid techniques and technologies allow me to venture beyond my personal experience and investigate the stories embedded in the photographs of others, stories that marry memory and make-believe. I digitally juxtapose elements from my own photographs with those of amateur snapshots found in my family's and friends' photo albums. My work is fueled by memories—a room, a familiar face, another era. Sometimes my construct is playful and light; at other times the result is dark, foreboding, and otherworldly. Whatever the mood, my deeply-felt imagery evokes the fanciful dreamscapes or cautionary tales of childhood. A constant in each image is an awareness of "possibilities." Rather than prescribe my own interpretation for a piece, I prefer to challenge the viewer by leaving enough space for his or her personal experience to fuse with the work, thereby offering a truly unique experience—for are we not all storytellers?

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